Developer Garage

A developer garage is a meeting of programmers who are developing apps with Google, Facebook or Yahoo tools. It will held during nonick.  If you want to take part in it, please get in touch with us.

This the final list of apps that will be presented tomorrow at the Developer Garage:
- Alberto Bajo, FileSocial.
- Isabel Sabadí, Widgadget.
- Gorka Linaza, M4F.
- Ricardo Gonzalez, Vilau Media.
- Alex Puig, TwittExperts.
- Thierry Brenier, Leyio.
- Haritz Rodriguez, Arraytxiki Web Lab.
- Andrey Chernishov, Gcl2Twitter.
- Jose A. del Moral, Metroo.
- Lontzo Sáinz, Kemotions.