Euro Blog Awards’ 11 finalists decided

We are closing votes for the Euro Blog Awards. So that the final decision will be in the hands of the jury members. They will be voting tomorrow via video to their 3 favorite blogs from a different language than theirs. Besides, people’s votes will used to decide which is the best videoblog.

These are the 11 finalists:

1. Basque:
Blog by teachers from a children’s school with teaching material

2. Inglés:
A blog about food and drinks

3. French
Its name says it all: Web 2.0 and Startups

4. German
Political platform for freedom and openness in the digital age

5. Italian
A multitasking girl in a multitasking world: web 2.0, e-learning, twitter, technology…

6. Polish
Basically Polish Techcrunch

7. Portuguese
Open texts and memories on the pretext of Education

8. Russian
For Russian geeks

9. Spanish
For people interested in the crisis and the economic context

10. Turkish
A blog for lovers of vintage clothing and fashion

11. Ukrainian
Blog by famous political strategist Oleg Medvedev in the Ukrainian Pravda

These are the criteria that the jury members will be using:
1. Creativity in design and multimedia elements
2. Number of feedbacks/comments
3. Idea and innovation